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General Informations

“This page is intended especially for medical students visiting this faculty in the Erasmus exchange program and for English speaking medical students studying at the First Medical Faculty, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic as well”




Dear students,

welcome to our web page. We hope you will find here some useful basic information about our Course of Ophthalmology.


Our Course of Ophthalmology lasts two weeks, for Dentistry one week.


The lessons will be held in the lecture hall of our department.

The street address is:

U Nemocnice 2, Praha 2,

which is an entry to the campus of the General Faculty Hospital (Czech: Všeobecná Fakultní Nemocnice). Our Department of Ophthalmology (Czech: Oční klinika) is in the building “O”, and the lecture hall is on the left side of the ground floor.


The course consists of lectures and practices, as you can find in the Schedule of the course.


It is recommended to wear the white (lab) coat during the practices.


To get the credit, you may miss one day of the course only (one day absence), no more.


At the end of the course, a written test and an oral examination are held.


The recommended textbook (e.g.) is:

Lang: Ophthalmology, Thieme 2006 (“flexibook” edition),

(you may e.g. buy it in the Academic bookshop in Kateřinská street - approx. 1250,- CZK )


....or any other GOOD textbook of Ophthalmology (pictures are of great importance)

(Nice textbooks are from J. Kanski, but those are intended rather for residents than medical students and are more expensive)


Your questions in detail will be answered during the course.

Your comments are welcome.


I am looking forward to see you at the course.



Pavel Kuthan, M.D.,

Head of the course


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